How To Determine The Right Number Of Service Desk Staff

How to determine the right number of Service Desk staff

Numerous factors impact Service Desk staffing numbers, making industry benchmarking and comparisons very difficult. Even when benchmark data can be found, the scope of services, and even the definition of what constitutes 1 Service Desk FTE, vary considerably.

Before you read on, I’d like to warn you that there is no magic formula for determining the optimum number of staff for your Service Desk. However, I will share a few methods that are available and then I’ll provide a comprehensive list of things that you should consider when you need to justify your Service Desk headcount, justify an increase, or are looking at ways to reduce it.

First, let’s look at some of the options that are available.

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How To Make Your Support Team Much More Effective

How to make your support team much more effective

If you are at all interested in IT service improvement there is one performance improvement discipline that, when done well, will reliably lead to improved service, increased productivity, reduced costs, and improve almost any KPI you can think of.

I know that’s a pretty big claim, so let’s cut to the chase – I’m talking about staff performance management. The one thing you can do to significantly improve the performance of your IT team is to do a better job of managing the performance of your staff. With nothing but the investment of time, the performance improvement benefits can be huge and here’s why…

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