10 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A New ITSM Toolset

10 mistakes to avoid when choosing a new ITSM toolset

ITSM toolset RFPs (or RFTs, RFQs, RFIs – whatever you call them in your organisation) are painful. They drag on for too long and require a lot of effort and you still end up with a vendor/tool combo that doesn’t meet your needs, or that costs you more than you budgeted for. And then what happens? IT limps on, hamstrung by workarounds and compromises and, before you know it, you’re back to the drawing board repeating the whole painful process.

Having spent over a decade helping organisations evaluate new ITSM toolsets, here’s my list of the ten most common pitfalls. Avoid these and you’ll greatly improve your chances of ending up with a solution that’s right for you:

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36 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A New ITSM Tool

36 questions to ask before choosing a new ITSM tool

I’ve seen many ITSM toolset implementation failures. Usually they happen because the buyer wasn’t particularly diligent during the evaluation and the decision was made on little more than a vendor’s dog and pony show – you know the one, the one where the vendor’s slickest salesman shows you all the flashest features of the software, fails to point out its shortcomings, and dazzles you with the all the wonderful stuff that’s slated for a yet-to-be-determined future release.

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