Are Genius Bars For IT Departments A Good Idea?

Are Genius Bars for IT departments a good idea?

Some of IT’s customers have always preferred to walk over and speak to someone rather than phone the Service Desk. Generally though, management and consultants have actively discouraged walk-ups to Service Desk staff by customers. Some companies I’ve seen have gone so far as have the Service Desk behind locked doors, or hidden away in some dark corner or basement.

Yet increasingly we’ve seen clients who have IT outposts around the organisation they support, and they tell us they and their customers love it. So, why is there this apparent discrepancy? Is it just a flash in the pan inspired by the glamour of ‘Genius Bars’ and all things Apple? And is it something you should be considering for your IT department?

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10 Good Reasons To Measure IT Customer Satisfaction

10 good reasons to measure IT customer satisfaction

In the office, we’ve been talking about the extent to which striving to improve the IT customer experience and overall customer satisfaction with IT is a ‘must do’ for CIOs (like air conditioning the data centre) or a ‘nice to do’ (like air conditioning the office).

The debate was triggered by recent conversations with the senior IT managers of two different organisations. One said that improving customer satisfaction with IT was his most important goal, the other said it wasn’t even on his radar.

Is improving IT customer satisfaction on your radar? Should it be?

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Why Providing Good Customer Service Is Not An Option

Why providing good customer service is not an option

I was recently reminded again of the power of good customer service. I went into my local NAB branch to setup a bank account. What the ‘concierge’ and the bank teller who then helped me did not realise was that if they could not assist me effectively, I was going straight across the road to the Bendigo Bank to open the account there instead (Bendigo Bank recently received the highest customer satisfaction score among Australian Banks in a report I read). I was reasonably satisfied with the NAB, but that is not enough to keep me if I think I might get better looked after just over the road!

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10 Ways To Increase IT Customer Survey Response Rates

10 ways to increase IT customer survey response rates

Using internal customer feedback is a powerful way to drive IT service improvement and far more effective than using typical ITIL-based process maturity assessments. Periodic IT customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to do this but it’s vital you get enough people to respond.

If your sample size is small, you won’t be able to reliably identify themes in the feedback. And if you’re like most IT departments, you’ll find the feedback biased towards the negative – the only people who bother to respond are those that are particularly disgruntled. And any satisfaction score you derive may fluctuate for insignificant reasons and won’t highlight any real trends.

Here are ten things you can do to drive up your response rate.

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How To Manage IT Customer Expectations

How to manage IT customer expectations

These days, an IT department simply delivering the latest shiny new technology is no longer enough. Communicating to set expectations, and then actively working to meet those expectations, is now a critically important part of delivering a good service to IT’s customers. Indeed, it is an important aspect of good customer service in almost any scenario. Think of an example of good service you’ve received in a restaurant or when having your car serviced, and of bad service: setting and meeting expectations may well have played a part.

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