How To Manage IT Customer Expectations

How to manage IT customer expectations

These days, an IT department simply delivering the latest shiny new technology is no longer enough. Communicating to set expectations, and then actively working to meet those expectations, is now a critically important part of delivering a good service to IT’s customers. Indeed, it is an important aspect of good customer service in almost any scenario. Think of an example of good service you’ve received in a restaurant or when having your car serviced, and of bad service: setting and meeting expectations may well have played a part.

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How To Make Your Support Team Much More Effective

How to make your support team much more effective

If you are at all interested in IT service improvement there is one performance improvement discipline that, when done well, will reliably lead to improved service, increased productivity, reduced costs, and improve almost any KPI you can think of.

I know that’s a pretty big claim, so let’s cut to the chase – I’m talking about staff performance management. The one thing you can do to significantly improve the performance of your IT team is to do a better job of managing the performance of your staff. With nothing but the investment of time, the performance improvement benefits can be huge and here’s why…

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How To Manage Service Desk Call Durations

How to manage Service Desk call durations

These days many IT departments are trying to encourage their customers to use self-help, or log their calls via the web. Despite this, the main contact method used to log calls with most Service Desks remains the telephone. This means that how the Service Desk team go about handling their calls to meet targets and handle fluctuating call volumes is very important.

Typically a Service Desk Manager has to balance several factors in considering how to manage the length of calls received by the Service Desk.

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