10 Good Reasons To Measure IT Customer Satisfaction

10 good reasons to measure IT customer satisfaction

In the office, we’ve been talking about the extent to which striving to improve the IT customer experience and overall customer satisfaction with IT is a ‘must do’ for CIOs (like air conditioning the data centre) or a ‘nice to do’ (like air conditioning the office).

The debate was triggered by recent conversations with the senior IT managers of two different organisations. One said that improving customer satisfaction with IT was his most important goal, the other said it wasn’t even on his radar.

Is improving IT customer satisfaction on your radar? Should it be?

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How To Do IT Problem Management

How to do IT Problem Management

IT departments often stumble at the first hurdle with ITIL/ITSM style Problem Management. This can be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of a Problem Management module in their ITSM/Service Desk toolset.
  • Lack of ownership.
  • Lack of faith in the value of Problem Management.
  • Biting off more than they can chew.
  • Not knowing where to start.

Not every IT department has the resources to go 100% at Problem Management from the outset. But there are ways to address all of the above and start down the path of Problem Management without having to do vast amounts of work. Read on to find out how.

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Agile Is Not Just For Software Developers

Agile is not just for software developers

I was presenting at the PacRim Service Desk and IT Support conference last week where one of the most memorable presentations – apart from mine, of course 😉 – was by Ed Cortis, the Head of Solutions Delivery at Bankwest. Ed was so taken aback by the lack of awareness of Agile amongst the conference delegates that he made a last minute decision to present on a completely different topic from the one he’d prepared. Brave, reckless? Regardless, Ed pulled it off, giving a passionate presentation on why Agile is not just for developers and becoming the inspiration for this post.

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The Cult Of Omphaloskepsis

The Cult of Omphaloskepsis

I’m a big fan of Rob England’s ‘The IT Skeptic’ blog (http://www.itskeptic.org/blog). While I don’t always agree with Rob, I love the way he challenges ITSM dogma and gets me thinking about service management in a different way. And he writes in a wonderfully irreverent style too. Definitely recommended reading (the discussions that follow each post are usually good, too).

Recently, Rob has been blogging about the dangers of what he calls the ‘Cult of the Customer’, the danger of IT relentlessly driving for service improvement and saying ‘yes’ to customer demands no matter the cost.

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