11 Tips For Implementing Your Own Genius Bar

11 tips for implementing your own Genius Bar

In a previous article I discussed whether or not an Apple style ‘Genius Bar’ was something IT departments should be considering.

Several clients of ours have Genius Bars set-up in a visible and central location, and tell us that they are very popular with their customers. Some universities have had IT outposts in their libraries for years. More of IT’s customers are using laptops, tablets and smartphones than desktops these days, enabling them to bring the device to IT rather than waiting for IT to come to them. These factors suggest that now may well be the time for IT departments to at least consider implementing a Genius Bar.

If you decide it is for you though, getting it right takes more than just reserving a spot and sending someone from the Service Desk to sit there. Here are 11 tips to help you get off on the right foot.

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“ITIL Doesn’t Work!”

“ITIL doesn’t work!”

Have you ever heard someone say “ITIL’s rubbish, it just doesn’t work”, or something to that effect?

I was talking with a client recently and they said something very like this, but went on to explain that previously ITIL was seen as an end in itself in their organisation, whereas now they’ve changed their focus so that it is a means towards an end, helping to achieve a vision of providing the best experience for IT’s customers. They had found that this change had been liberating and effective for both management and staff alike.

This sums up Silversix’s observations made over years in management and consultancy: ITIL can be a very successful tool, but you have to be clear on why you are wielding the tool (i.e. what you are trying to accomplish), and how you’ll know when/whether you’ve been successful.

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Should You Gamify IT Support?

Should you gamify IT support?

Last month I was part of a panel charged with discussing trends that were likely to impact IT service management in the next few years. The usual suspects of Cloud, BYOD and customer-centricity were popular topics but we ran out of time before we could properly discuss something I was keen to explore – gamification.

I don’t know if gamification will, or should, become a trend or remain a blip, but if you’d like to learn a bit about what’s happening in the space of IT gamification, read on and I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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Are Genius Bars For IT Departments A Good Idea?

Are Genius Bars for IT departments a good idea?

Some of IT’s customers have always preferred to walk over and speak to someone rather than phone the Service Desk. Generally though, management and consultants have actively discouraged walk-ups to Service Desk staff by customers. Some companies I’ve seen have gone so far as have the Service Desk behind locked doors, or hidden away in some dark corner or basement.

Yet increasingly we’ve seen clients who have IT outposts around the organisation they support, and they tell us they and their customers love it. So, why is there this apparent discrepancy? Is it just a flash in the pan inspired by the glamour of ‘Genius Bars’ and all things Apple? And is it something you should be considering for your IT department?

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