Where we've come from

2005. We set out to be consultants that “help IT teams improve their performance”. Naively, we didn’t know how overly ambitious that scope was!

2006-2010. We became increasingly specialist and focused on helping IT teams provide measurably better service to their internal customers. We did a lot of ITIL consulting.

2011. We discovered Net Promoter, a set of practices for measuring and improving customer loyalty. One of our clients agreed to be a guinea pig and we helped them implement some Net Promoter practices. And wow! Internal customer satisfaction increased more in six months than we’d ever been able to achieve through ITIL consulting.

2011+ We became big fans of Net Promoter. We built CIOPulse to make it easy for internal service providers to adopt Net Promoter practices, become more customer-centric and improve the customer experience.

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A person in a suit using a magnifying glass to focus an icon representing a customer
What we believe in

We believe that technical teams are full of passionate, talented people. Their improvement initiatives tend to revolve around technical solutions (ITSM toolsets, ITIL, Project Management software, PMBOK etc).

But to provide consistently good service, tools and processes are not enough. You need a customer-centric culture.

To create a customer-centric culture, staff need regular feedback from customers. Waiting for the annual performance review doesn’t work. And you need to measure service quality by measuring customer perceptions. Customers are the only judge of service quality.

We believe that customer feedback is essential and, for a service provider, is the best way to drive continual service improvement.

Who we are

We’re a small team based in Perth, Australia.

We chose the name “Silversix” because of the positive connotations of “Silver” (fine silver, silver service, silver bullet, silver lining).

We started with six core values, (Silversix). But over time we found they could be expressed as four:

  • We believe in simplicity. Simple solutions work best.
  • We love change. Changing things for the better.
  • We bring passion to our work. We’re enthusiastic and want to inspire others to be.
  • Reliability is very important. We earn trust by always doing what we say.
A blackboard with Silversix's core values written in chalk