Bringing customer centricity
to internal service providers

NPS for Support

CIOPulse is our Net Promoter-based customer feedback software for IT support teams. By continually collecting customer feedback, it gives you data and insights that help you improve the customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and enhance IT’s reputation.

NPS for Projects

ProjectNPS helps project managers, project sponsors and your PMO deliver better service. Based on Net Promoter, it gathers stakeholder feedback throughout your project lifecycle and helps you improve the capability and emotional maturity of your project managers and sponsors.

NPS for IT

NPS for IT is our Net Promoter Relationship Survey. We run it for you, help you get a high response rate, and extract the insights. It requires minimal effort from you and your customers and you get an independent analysis that ensures your customer is at the heart of your strategic decisions.

We'll help you put your customers at the heart of everything you do

We’ve built our products and services around Net Promoter. Net Promoter encourages customer centricity and provides simple but proven practices for driving continual service improvement. If you’re serious about creating happier customers, we should talk.

I don’t know any company that knows more about how IT teams can use the Net Promoter System to improve IT customer satisfaction

Jonathan Coles, Senior Manager IT Client Services

CIOPulse: There is simply nothing else on the market that compares

Donna Eveleigh, Productivity Platform Services Regional Leader, APAC & India

ProjectNPS is the innovation that project delivery functions desperately need. It’s a game changer

Colin Ellis, Author
The Conscious Project Leader

Since implementing CIOPulse there’s lots of buzz about how IT has changed, lots of great feedback from upper management, and the exec are listening, respecting our expertise and signing things off!

Jon Ettershank, Business Systems Manager

In the time that Silversix have been working with us our customer satisfaction scores have increased dramatically!

Jay Hyett, Service Desk Manager
Lonely Planet

We would recommend Silversix to anyone serious about improving their IT performance

Chris Dalley
MailGuard, Head of IT

Dave is pioneering the use of Net Promoter in IT. If you get a chance to hear him, read him or hire him, just do it

Ed Cortis, Head of Solution Delivery